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How to Save Photos from Facebook to Android

By Elsie Wesley, Wednesday, December 28, 2016

You may know much about the Facebook and couldn’t stay away from it as it allows you to reach you friends, share photos and videos, or even acknowledge all the latest news around the world. It would be really inconvenient if you don't have a Facebook App on your device. For instance, some people post the wonderful photos on Facebook when you are outdoors, and of cause you could not read the information if you haven't installed the App on your device. So you miss them and may get them until you are home and sit in front of the computer.

Of cause you would install the Facebook App on your device. In this way, you may get tons of photos you want to keep on it. However, the Facebook for Android still could not support you to download it on your device. Please continue to read and you will find out how to save them on your Android device in several steps.

Save Photos from Facebook to Android

Actually, it is pretty easy to move the messages or photos from Facebook Messenger to your Android device and protect them from losing. Of cause, you may only save the important data from the Facebook as it would take up the memory on your device. Now, please follow the step-to-step guide below to keep Facebook photos on Android:

1. Download and install the Send to SD Card on your device, which acts as a Facebook message downloader.

2. Open the Facebook App on you Android.

3. Please access the photos you want to save and tap the menu button of your device. You can see the interface as below. Then choose "Share external > SD Card > Copy hare".

Save Photos from Facebook

4. The job is done! You are able to go to the Gallery App to check the photo you just saved.  


1. For the Facebook Messenger, it would be much easier to keep the photos that others send to you. All you need to do is long press the photo or then tap “Save image” button.

Save Photos from Facebook Messenger

And you are also able to send it to your friends directly by tapping the button which is next to your photo as the screen shot below.

Send Photos from Facebook Messenger

2. If the photos are saved on device but lost accidentally, it is also possible to retrieve. With the help of FonePaw Android Data Recovery, you're allowed to get the deleted Facebook photo back. And you will notice that the format of the name of the pictures is orderly and begins with "FB_IMG".

Recover Facebook Photos

Some people may ask what the differences are between Facebook for Android and Facebook Messenger. Actually, with Facebook for Android, you are able to access your Facebook as the way you do on the computer. You can check the Timeline, post photos or videos and access your News Feed. But with Facebook Messenger, it allows you to private message your friends (get less functions than the Facebook for Android).

If you have any questions, please drop us a comment below.

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