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How to Stop Programs from Running at Mac Startup

By Carrie Murray, Thursday, December 14, 2017

Login items, also called startup items, are the programs that will automatically open every time when you start up your Mac. Those items can be apps, documents, add-ons, server connections and other invisible background processes. If the startup items are exactly what you want to use when you log in your Mac, it is convenient and you don't need to launch them all by yourself.

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However, some of the users reported that they got too many startup items with MacOS Sierra or El Capitan, even the some of the login items that are unknown. The abundant startup items can be one of the reasons that slow down your Mac for the most part. So people may ask for a way on how to stop programs from running at startup Mac. Now, I will show you the way to manage the login items so that you can easily stop the applications from opening when starting your Mac, change the programs that startup on Mac, and even speed up your Mac. Let's check it out!

How to Disable Startup Programs on Mac?

To stop programs from automatically opening when you start up your Mac, you are recommended to use FonePaw MacMaster tool, which is a professional program that can effectively enable and disable startup items on your computer. Now, just follow the steps below to stop programs from opening at startup on Mac:

Step 1. Download and install MacMaster on your MacBook or iMac by clicking the following button. Then launch it!


Step 2. Head to "Extensions" on the left pane of the program and click on the "Scan" button. It will scan out all of the plugins on your Mac.

Scan Extensions on Mac

Step 3. After the scanning process, you can go to "Login" catalogue and find out the items you want to disable. Then move your mouse pointer to the location which is beside the specific info of each extension like the below screenshot shows. Enable it! If it is in orange, the login item has been disabled.

Enable Login Items on Mac

How to Manually Change Programs That Startup on Mac?

If the startup items become useless or invalid, you can remove startup programs on Mac. In the other hand, you can also add a login item if you want. Take a look at the below steps and follow the guide to change the startup programs.

Step 1. Click on the Apple menu and go to "System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items". Now you can see all the startup items on the windows.

Change Programs That Startup on Mac

Step 2. To remove a startup program, you need to choose the item and click on the "-" button beneath the list box.

Obviously, to add a startup program, you need to click on the "+" button and select the items from your Mac.

Remove Login Items

Video Guide for Setting Startup Programs

To know more about managing startup programs on Mac, watch the video below to get useful skills.

Above is the whole guide to prevent programs from starting up on Mac. Disabling and removing the startup items can fix Mac running slow problem to some extent. If you have any question about this article, just drop us a comment below!

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