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Similar Photos Detector on Mac OS X

By Emily Watson, Thursday, August 16, 2018

If you don't get used to store images in certain folders on your Mac, I beg your Mac must now be scattered with a bunch of photos. It will be a great trouble beyond doubt if you want to organize or remove images. However, to make it easier and simpler, let me introduce a Similar Photos Detector - MacMaster - to help you manage photos with ease.

Don't Miss Out:

MacMaster is a Mac Manager well-designed to promote your experience with your MacBook/Mac mini/iMac/Mac Pro. Well compatible with macOS X/Captain/Yosemite/Sierra, this program offers a number of useful tools including:

  • System Status

  • Junk Files

  • Clutter

  • Large & Old File

  • Similar Image Finder

  • Duplicate Finder

  • Uninstaller

If you want to look for similar photos on Mac, you should take a try on the "Similar Image Finder" function. To have further knowledge, please check out the following sections.


Tutorial: How to Make Full Use of Similar Photos Detector?

Step 1. Get Started with MacMaster

Do you see the above download button? After you download and install MacMaster on your Mac, you can start enjoying the convenience the software brings to you. Launch the MacMaster and you can check out the storage usage on your Mac. 

MacMaster HomePage

Step 2. Start Scanning Similar Images

Now, switch to the "Similar Image Finder" tab on the left. Here you can start scanning for similar images according to different similarity degree: 65%, 75%, 85%, and 95%. The higher similarity degree is, the more similar images will be found. Also, don't forget to select a path to start scanning.

Similar Image Finder

Step 3. Preview Similar Photos

After a while, the scanning will be complete. Then, the results will be shown as the following image displays. 

  • In the middle, there is an item along with its similar ones. 

  • On the right, you can preview a certain image and look up details like Name, Size, Saved Path, and Date.

Note that you can click on the path of an image as to open the folder in which it stores.

Preview Similar Images

If you want to remove redundant images, you can select them and click on the "Clean" button. However, note that the deleted images will not be moved to the trash but directly and permanently deleted from your Mac.

FAQ: Answers to Questions You May Ask

You might have come across problems when using MacMaster, however, take it easy. If you have any lingering questions, please check out the following answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Question 1: What Properties of An Image are Available on MacMaster?

At the final step, MacMaster allows users to preview images and check out related properties. However, what information of an image can you learn from it? You can look at the following image for reference.

Similar Images

In the middle, there are items and their similar files (the number of similar images is listed below the title of the photo). Behind the name, you can check out the total size of these images.

On the right, the upper screen is the preview area. Once an image is selected, you can see the preview of it. More similar photos are listed on the lower part with its Name, Size, Saved Location and Date. Also, you can locate desired items by the "Search" bar or sort out the items by Name, Size, and Selection.

Question 2: How to Make Out Whether the File is A Duplicate? 

In fact, it's easy to distinguish duplicate image(s). Now that MacMaster allows you to preview photos, you can easily make out duplicates if two or more images are the same.

If you're too tired to preview photos one by one, you can tell whether it's a duplicate if two or more pictures have the similar title/size/date. This can help you quickly locate duplicate photos.

Question 3: How to Choose The Proper Similarity Degree to Scan?

Actually, there are three kinds of similarity degree for your consideration, of which respectively are 65%, 75%, 85%, and 95%. Normally speaking, the higher similarity degree is, the more similar photos can be found.

The 85% can easily identify personal portraits and views while the 95% is more advanced and can deal with photos with words in. If you don't have many photos on Mac, you can do whatever similarity degree you want. However, if there are too many pictures, I'd recommended you to try the similarity degree of 95% to get accurate results.


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