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Permanent Eraser for Mac: Securely Delete Files on Mac

By Emily Watson, Friday, August 17, 2018

Due to one's job or duty, he/she may have connections with confidential or extremely private documents. If these files are leaked out, one must be responsible for that. What's worse, one may end up in court with a lawsuit. Hence one needs an authentic eraser to permanently and securely delete files on Mac.

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If you're reading this article, here's the right place for you. I've also noticed that some posted threads on Apple Communities asking for shredding files on Mac/MacBook/iMac like the image shows. Please keep on reading.

Shred Files

Reason: Why You Need A File Shredder?

Some may be having a misgiving - why not just directly move unwanted files to trash and empty it? If you're a tech-savvy, you'll know that documents removed from the trash are still recoverable via professional file recovery software.

The operation of emptying a trash on Mac is just a way to close the visual gate for users to access deleted files. Yet, they are still retrievable as long as not overwritten. If you're sure that nobody will come after you delete documents in the trash, perhaps you should give it a try. Or, please try the following methods.

Approach 1: How to Permanently and Securely Remove Files on Mac?

FonePaw MacMaster is all-singing and all-dancing Mac manager with multiple useful functions compatible with macOS X/Captain/Yosemite/Sierra, of which there is a File Shredder. As the name tells, it can technically shred all files making sure that the files are no longer recoverable. To know your way around it, please check out how it works.


Step 1. Get Started with MacMaster

Do you see the download button above? Click on it and start with MacMaster. Then, launch the program on your Mac and navigate to the "Eraser" function.

Shredder Home Page

Step 2. Choose Files/Folders to Shatter

Now, click "Select Files" to the next page as below. Then, hit Add Files and navigate to those you want to erase permanently. If you make a wrong selection, you can deselect the folder. Make sure that you've chosen the desired folders.

Note that users can select multiple files or folders to shred at a time.

Choose Files or Folders

Step 3. Start Shredding Documents

When you click "Erase" at the bottom, you'll be warned whether to eliminate selected ones, for the process is irreversible. The process ends in no time with a "Cleanup Completed" message shown on the screen. Now, you'll never find these files back again.

Shredding Documents

Approach 2: How to Manually Secure Empty Trash on Mac?

Apart from the normal way to empty a trash, Mac has also introduced an enhanced option - "Secure Empty Trash". I guess most of you may not even know it. No worry. It's easy to use with these steps:

Step 1. Hold the "Control" key and click the "Trash" icon.

Step 2. Press the "Command" key on OS X Yosemite and latter, or press "Control" or "Option" instead.

Step 3. Click "Secure Empty Trash" and again.

Secure Empty Trash

However, Apple pulled "Secure Empty Trash" from El Capitan since 2015. Here's Apple's statement on why Secure Empty Trash was removed from El Capitan:

Finder Available for Mac OS X v10.6.8 and later Impact: The "Secure Empty Trash" feature may not securely delete files placed in the Trash Description: An issue existed in guaranteeing secure deletion of Trash files on some systems, such as those with flash storage. This issue was addressed by removing the 'Secure Empty Trash' option.

It cannot be more careful when it comes to tackling confidential or private files. MacMaster is a prior choice if you want to ensure that there is no possibility to recover anything back.


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