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How to Prevent Deleted Files Being Recovered on Mac

By Emily Watson, Friday, August 17, 2018

Nowadays, people gradually raises the awareness of privacy security. With the convenience brought by digital documents comes a series of business information steals. If you want to delete confidential or private files, you'd better make sure that they are impossible to be retrieved. Wondering how to do so? Here's a reference to you.

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What Happens When You Delete A File?

As compared to Windows computer, deleting a file is instead known as "Move to Trash". Moreover, the files you moved to trash will be stored in a particular folder named "Trash", which cannot be found in "Finder". Users should "Empty" the trash if necessary. However, I want you to know that deleted files are still recoverable via professional software.

Why is that possible? As you may know, most Mac computers use a hard disk drive to store data created by users. When a user deletes a file from Mac, the deleted file becomes invisible and inaccessible in a way, which is like closing the door to directly view the file. Most of the time, deleted content still can be recovered in most cases. If you want to completely delete a file and prevent it from being recovered, the following method is what you should carry on.

How to Prevent Deleted Files from Being Restored on Mac?

FonePaw MacMaster is a reliable multifunctional software for Mac users. Recently, it rolls out with a new feature - Shredder. As the name tells, this program can 'shred unwanted files into pieces' until there is no possibility to recover these files. What's more, as an easy-to-go software, it only takes three steps.

MacMaster is capable of more than this with more useful features available including Junk Files, Clutter, Large & Old File, Similar Image Finder, Duplicate Finder, Uninstaller, Shredder.


Step 1. Install MacMaster

To begin with, you should download and install FonePaw MacMaster on your Mac. After that, run the software and you can see your Mac's basic information on the screen.

MacMaster Shredder

Step 2. Choose Files

Switch to the "Eraser" option and you can look up the brief introduction to this function. Now, click "Select Files" to locate and select files/folders you want to permanently delete. All selected ones will be shown in the table. Please check several times and ensure that there are the right choices.

Choose Folders

Step 3. Say Goodbye to Files

When you're ready, click "Erase" to start eliminating the selected files. You'll be warned twice to avoid any accidental deletion. It may take a little while to wipe out these files. Then, all files will be gone for good.

Confirm to Delete

Shredder Files

If you accidental shred some files, I'm sorry you should say your farewell to them, for the shredding is irreversible. Therefore, you really should make sure that the selected files are okay to be erased for good.


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