Duplicate Files Finder on Mac

By Emily Watson, Thursday, Mar. 16, 2017

Mac is a well-designed machine able to help you deal with things at work or in daily life. Though its system enables to keep a fast and smooth performance, it would go slow someday. Therefore, it's essential to manage files, especially duplicate files and useless iTunes files on Mac as to keep your Mac "young and fresh".

However, due to its system design, it's actually hard to find and access duplicate files on Mac. Most duplicate contents are media files like photos, videos, songs, recordings and so on. They take up much more space than other types of files, so your Mac will embrace a great weigh loss if able to clear and remove duplicate files. Do you have an idea? No hassle. There are two methods, iTunes and Dr.Clean, for your considerations.

Method 1: Try iTunes to Locate and Delete Duplicate Content

iTunes is actually a great helper on Mac. In this case, you can resort to iTunes as to find out and remove duplicate data. iTunes has a built-in feature which is for deleting duplicate songs and videos in your iTunes library. However, it's only available for contents in iTunes.

Step 1. Launch the latest version of "iTunes" on your Mac.

Step 2. Click "Library" option on the interface and go to "Songs"/"Videos".

Step 3. Select "File" from the menu at the top.

Step 4. Choose "Library" and click "Show Duplicate Items".

Step 5. Choose the duplicate and get it deleted.

iTunes to Delete Duplicates

Method 2: Use Dr. Cleaner to Scan and Remove Duplicate Files

While iTunes has a limitation for content in iTunes, Dr. Cleaner, a desirable Mac cleaner, has no such a drawback. It supports to scan the whole Mac and display all duplicate files before you. It's easy to use and just as simple as the following steps show.

Mac Version Download

Step 1. Install and Open Dr. Cleaner

Users can directly download Dr. Cleaner from App Store or via a click of the button above. After finishing its installment, please launch the app on "Launchpad". Then, you can see a window popping up with statistics like "CPU Usage" and "Network Usage". Also, you can easily clean up "Junk Files" or "Optimize "Memory Usage". As for duplicate files, please click "System Optimizer".

 Install and Open Dr. Cleaner

Step 2. Drag Folders and Start Scanning

Click and select "Duplicate Files" from the left sidebar. Now, please tap "Drag folder to be scanned" and choose a folder from the window. Next, hit the "Scan" button to start scanning for the duplicate content. The process takes time according to the size of the folders. Note that you can add multiple folders at a time.

Drag Folders and Start Scanning

Step 3. Preview and Remove Duplicate Files

When the scanning process completes, all the duplicate files will be listed on the interface classified in categories like "Folders", "Documents", "Photos", "Media" and "Others". Select on one item and its duplicates will be showed as well. Make you choices and click "Next". You will be asked to confirm your selection. Next to "Remove" button, you can choose to "Remove to Trash" or "Delete Permanently".

There are "Auto Select" and "Deselect All" options. The former one will automatically select contents by these standards:

  • Folder where they are located

  • Dates modified

  • Similar file names

  • Other qualifications

Remove Duplicate Files

It's easy, right? Deleting duplicates is able to free up much space on Mac, and then your Mac will back to prime time. Don't forget to clean up duplicate items from time to time.

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