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How to Delete Old iPhone Backups from iTunes on Mac/PC

By Carrie Murray, Thursday, November 08, 2018

"I found iOS files in Mac > Storage > Manage taking up for more than 40 GB of my MacBook storage. I clicked it and found there are three rows, one for iPad, one for iPhone and one for iPod Touch. What are these iOS files? Can I delete the files to get more free space?"

The iOS files actually include the backups and software update files of iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. When you sync your devices to Mac or Windows, you can make backups or get iOS updates on iTunes.

iOS Files on Mac Storage

True, iTunes makes it easier and safer to backup iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but over time old iPhone backups could take up a lot of free space on your Mac or PC. If the backups are no longer needed and more free space is needed, you can delete old iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch backups to free up space. Read on to find the ways to delete iTunes backups on Mac and PC.

How to Delete Old iPhone Backups on Mac

There are two ways to delete old iPhone backups on Mac. You can delete it by yourself or by a tool, but the latter is recommended because it is much more convenient and can free up more space by deleting more than old backups.

Of all the storage management applications on Mac,FonePaw MacMaster is one of the best. It is multifunctional and easy to use. Not only can it delete iTunes backup but also it can remove the other iOS file - iOS software updates file to release space on Mac. Also, MacMaster can clean up your Mac by deleting system junks, large files, duplicate files, etc. This cleaner frees users from the drudgery of searching unwanted files in thousands of folders in Mac. Now it is available for free download. Try it and follow the steps!


Step One: Run MacMaster to Search iPhone Backups

Download and install MacMaster for Mac, then open it. In the window that pops up, you can check the system status of your Mac, including memory usage, etc. Choose "iTunes Junk" and select "Scan" button to find out iPhone backups and other iOS files from iTunes on your Mac.

Scan iTunes Junk

Step Two: Delete Old iPhone Backups

On the right side, the iTunes junks will be sorted by "iTunes Cache", "iTunes Backups", "iOS Software Updates" and "iTunes Broken Download". In this case, select "iTunes Backups", then choose the unwanted backups of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to delete, click "Clean".

Delete iTunes Backups

When it's done successfully, you can see the storage of "iTunes Backups" turn to 0 kb.

To get more free space, you can also select iOS Software Updates, iTunes cache, iTunes Broken Downloads to completely get rid of iOS files on your Mac storage with MacMaster. Isn't it easy? Only one tool and two steps can help your Mac lose a lot of weight. Download it now!


Manually Delete iPhone Backups from iTunes on Mac

If you are to find the way to delete old iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch backups from iTunes manually, it's also easy but can only delete backup files on iTunes. Follow the steps!

Step 1 First, open iTunes from your Dock or Applications folder. 

Step 2 Then click iTunes > Preferences > Devices. Now you are able to see the backups. Select those you don't want and click "Delete Backup".

Delete iPhone Backup from Device Preference on iTunes

How to Delete iPhone Backups on Windows

You can also delete backups from iTunes on PC, although it's not that easy with Windows because you have to locate the old iPhone backups in the folders manually. Luckily, you have a guide here. Follow the steps:

Step 1 Press Windows + R, then type %appdata%, then press Enter button. Then a window will pop up, showing the location of C: > Users> [Username]> AppData> Roaming. Of course, you can open that folder manually but you have to make this folder visible by clicking the box of "Show Hidden Files and Folders" in Settings. The option may be different in various versions of Windows system.

Step 2 In the folder, go to Apple Computer > MobileSync > Backup, where stores all your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch backups. You will see a list of folders, each of them indicating a certain backup to a device.

Step 3 By deleting the folders, your old iTunes backups are deleted. Reopen the iTunes, the backups should be no longer listed.

Delete iTunes Backups on Windows

All the above are the solution to delete iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch backups on Mac and Windows. Does it help? Please give us a like and more solutions is available in our website!

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