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What If The App is Not Safe on Mac

By Emily Watson, Friday, October 20, 2017

Among those features that make Mac computers popular and well-known, one is its superior security. Applied with unfathomable technologies, Mac has been an invincible castle. However, somehow its security breaks down due to personal misoperations, for instance, installing a malware.

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Therefore, it's of importance to distinguish whether an app you want to download is safe and reliable. For you, there are 5 tricks & tips to help you make out whether an app is safe or not. What if the app is not safe to use on Mac, here I'd like to introduce you a way to thoroughly remove it from your Mac. Now, let's kick in.

Notes: How to Know if an App is Safe?

1. Download Apps from Reliable Sources

It's strongly recommended to download apps from unknown sources. For Mac users, it's always trustworthy to get apps from Apple App Store. Apps must go through a bunch of strict procedures until they finally come up in App Store, so you can stay reassured.

2. Look For App Developers and Reviews

If you're going to download apps from other sources other than App Store, then you must be aware. If you have no idea whether the app is secure, you should attach importance to its information like developers who make it and reviews on how this app is. As a rule, you can always tell whether this app is worth downloading through reviews.

3. Pay Attention to the App's Permissions

Generally speaking, apps would request permissions to access information like sending a push notification, allowing audio/video input/output, locating current location and so on. However, if an app prompts to access, modify or authorize something with the system, awareness must be raised. Only if you totally trust the operations, you can go on.

4. Try Not to Make Purchases on Non-trusted Sources

Most unsafe apps are meant to taking money out of your pocket. Meanwhile, making payment online is very sensitive. Thus, it's really recommended you not to purchase any apps through unknown sources except trustworthy ones like App Store.

5. Send Email to App Developer

Perhaps you might find this way a bit cumbersome to go. However, it's effective. If this app is a scam, email address left on the site where you download must be blank or incorrect. Even though it's correct, you might not get responses in time.

Mac Malware

Solution: How to Completely Uninstall an App and Its Related Files?

Normally, a malware cannot be easily uninstalled. What's more, there are related files left on Mac most of the time even if you can get the app uninstalled. If you're looking for a way to thoroughly remove the app you don't trust, here's the best way to go.

MacMaster is a multifunctional software well-designed to help Mac users easily organize and manage files available on Mac computers running macOS  X/Captain/Yosemite/Sierra with features like:

  • Check System Status

  • Clean Junk Files

  • Clean Clutter

  • Manage Large & Old Files

  • Uninstaller


Here's how to use MacMaster to completely remove malware:

Step 1. Get Down to MacMaster

Above all, to enjoy MacMaster, you should get it installed on your Mac for the first time. No worry. MacMaster is well-compatible with all models of Mac and all versions of macOS. Then, launch the program and you can check out the information about your Mac on the home page as the following image shows.


Step 2. Uninstall Unwanted Apps

Now, get access to the "Uninstaller" tab on the left. MacMaster will automatically find out all programs installed on Mac immediately. After that, please select those you want to remove. Selected ones and their related files will be displayed on the right with information including the installment path, the file size, and the last date of being used. Then, simply give it a click on the "Clean" button and it's all done.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

To keep your Mac safe and secure, you should stay away from unknown apps. Mac is so invincible that few hackers can break through. However, it might be the beginning of a nightmare when it comes to installing a malware.


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