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RE: Is There An Alternative to CleanMyMac

By Carrie Murray, Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Is there an alternative to CleanMyMac? 

 Many users search over different forums for a better and cheaper alternative to CleanMyMac. For non-techie Mac users like you and me, all we want is a easy tool to free up space and speed up our Macs, and more importantly, not to cost us a fortune. This post is going to recommend you a perfect CleanMyMac alternative. Please read on. 

What Can CleanMyMac Do? 

Clean up your Mac. CleanMyMac can scan out large & old files, junk files from Mac System, Photos and iPhoto Libraries, Mail Application, iTunes Library, Mac Trash Bins and provides Smart Cleanup to delete all files that have been found in one click. Help you to uninstall applications on Mac. 

Clean up chat history and browser data of Safari, Chrome, Messenger, Skype, etc. from your Mac. But you need to permit CleanMyMac to access your data on all these apps. 

Monitor the usage of memory, processor, battery on your Mac. 

It has maintenance features that allows you to run maintenance scripts, repair disk permissions, reindex spotlight, etc., which you barely need and can be done by OS X/macOS without CleanMyMac.


Why Do We Need An Alternative to CleanMyMac? 

From the above description, I think you should agree that CleanMyMac is a very comprehensive Mac cleaner. However, there are so many users urging to a CleanMyMac alternative. Here are some of their reasons. 

CleanMyMac is not a free cleaner for Mac. In fact, it is quite expensive, which costs $39.95 for one Mac. 

CleanMyMac's Smart Cleanup is not as smart as it claims. Many users reported that CleanMyMac mistakenly deleted some of their important system files and made related applications unusable. That's the main reason why users want to abandon the cleaner. 

Not a fan of its monitoring and maintenance features. CleanMyMac is more than just a Mac cleaner. It comes with a dashboard to monitor CPU, battery, memory usages of your Mac and Maintenance to fix some system bugs. Some users may like its multifunction, but for others who just need to free up space, they just pay for many useless features. 

If you are looking for a application that clean your Mac while is much cheaper. Here we have a great alternative - FonePaw MacMaster. 

 A Better and Cheaper Alternative to CleanMyMac 

FonePaw MacMaster is a application that focusing on cleaning up Mac OS system. It can scan out and clean up these files: 

  • Logs, caches, junk files from Mac system, Mail, Photos, Mail, iTunes library, trash bin.

  • Duplicate files of your Mac. Duplicate files could occupy tons of space on your Mac and they are usually photos, music, videos, documents that are safe to delete. However, CleanMyMac doesn't include a duplicate finder. Larger & old files from your Mac.

  • Completely uninstall apps on Mac. It can delete not only the app or its related data.

  • Unneeded backup files, mail attachments etc.

MacMaster Main Page

MacMaster can clean your Mac more thoroughly. And it won't mislead you to delete any useful files. The cleaner detects all junks on your Mac but it is still your call to decide whether to remove these files. 

The program is now free to trial. Why not free download the program on your computer right now and have a try by yourself.


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