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How to Upload Your Files from Android to Dropbox

By Emily Watson, Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017

Uploading your files on Android to Dropbox has two main uses. On one hand, it works seamlessly across all your devices and make it easier for you to access the files from different devices, for example, you can start a report on your Samsung phone during your commute and continue to finish it on the computer after you get home. One the other hand, it can make a backup of your Android file on the cloud storage so you can still have files even if your phone is dead or lost.

To share your files among Android device, PC and iOS device or to back up your files to cloud storage, please refer this post for tips on how to upload files from Android to Dropbox.

Part 1. Automatically Upload Photos & Videos via Camera Uploads

Camera Upload can automatically upload photos, videos from your phone camera to Dropbox. From July 22, 2016, Dropbox made change to the Camera Uploads, requiring Dropbox Basic users, that is those who use Dropbox for free, to install the Dropbox desktop application or upgrade to Dropbox Pro in order to use the Camera Uploads. So if you have no plan to pay for Dropbox Pro version, install Dropbox application on your Windows or Mac PC and connect your Android phone to computer to use Camera Upload.

Step 1. Enable Camera Upload on your Android phone.

On your Android phone, open Dropbox and swipe from left to right to enter folder menu. Click "Settings" and scroll down "Camera uploads". Tap "Turn on camera uploads".

Enter Dropbox Settings

Step 2. Set up Camera Uploads

There are three settings options of camera uploads: what to upload (photos & videos or only photos), how to upload (via Wi-Fi only or it is okay to use Wi-Fi or data plan), when to upload (only while the phone is charging or while battery level is above 30%). You may have lots of photos on your phone, for the sake of your time and money, it is better to use camera uploads only via Wi-Fi.

Enable Camera Uploads

Step 3. Start Importing Android Photos or Video to Dropbox

Run Dropbox app on your PC and connect your Android phone to PC with USB cable. You’ll see a pop-up window like this. Click "Start import" to continue.

Start Import Android Photos

Step 4. Wait for the Camera Uploads to Complete

The program will start to uploading all photos and videos in your phone camera. This could take a long time. Wait patiently or you can turn off "Camera upload" on your device and disconnect the USB cable to stop the uploading anytime you want.

Wait for Camera Upload

Part 2. Manually Add Photos & Videos to Dropbox

Uploading all photos and videos to Dropbox occupies too much space. After all, you get only 2GB free space. Therefore, selectively adding photos or videos to Dropbox is a better solution.

Step 1. Launch Dropbox Android app. Click + icon on the bottom right corner and tap "Upload photos or videos".

Step 2. Tick the photos or videos that you want to upload. After you have done selecting photos, click "Upload". The photos will be added to Dropbox in minutes.

Manually Upload Dropbox Photos

Step 3. To quickly locate photos or video files, you may wipe right to bring out the folder menu and choose "Photos" folder, which includes all your Dropbox photos and videos.

View Dropbox Photos

Step 4. To better manage the uploaded media files, you can also create different albums to sort out the files.

Create Dropbox Photos Album

Part 3. Manually Upload Files to Dropbox

Besides photos, you can also upload documents(.txt, .xls, .pdf, .doc), apps, audio files to Dropbox.

Step 1. Click + icon and choose "Upload files".

Step 2. Select files from your phone memory. To upload multiple files, long press the first file and continue to tap on other files.

Step 3. Click "Open" to begin uploading files.

Upload Dropbox Files

Now your files are on Dropbox. Learn more about how to share your photos in Dropbox on Android.

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