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Tips on Using Dropbox on Android

By Emily Watson, Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017

Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage service that sync files across all your Android phone/tablet, iPhone/iPad, Windows computer and Mac. When your photos, documents, videos, and other files has been uploaded to Dropbox, you can access the files from anywhere. Even your Android phone or other device is broken or inaccessible, your files are still safe and accessible as long as there is internet connected.

To get started with Dropbox on your Android device, download the app from Google Play store and install it. After signing up for a account with your email address, you gets 2GB of free storage space. Now you can follow these tips on using Dropbox on Andoid to become a master.

Dropbox Tips on Android: Share Files and Folders

One of the main use of Dropbox is to share files and folders with coworkers, clients, classmates, friends or others. There are two ways of files sharing in Android Dropbox app.

1. Invite other Dropbox users to folder or file

If your receiver also uses Dropbox, you can invite he/her to the folder or file you want to share with. Comparing to sending folder or file via Email, you can co-edit the folder or file with the receiver. Also, Dropbox allows members of a shared file or folder to comment the docs and sync the comments across all members.

Note: You only invite contacts on your Android phone to a folder or file. If the person you would like to share files with has not been on your contacts list, add the new contact and the email address he or she use to sign in Dropbox on your Contact app.

To invite others to a folder, open Dropbox on your Android phone and navigate to the folder you want to share. Tap on the arrow down icon beside the folder and choose "Share".

Type the name of the receiver. As you type, a drop-down list will show with contacts suggestion, choose the one you want to invite. Choose "Can edit" or "Can view" to set editing permission or view-only permission to the receiver. Then tap the send icon on the top right corner to send invitation.

Invite Others to Folder

Note: You can also edit folder permission below, including who can be invite to the folder: anyone or the team member that you have set up; who can manage membership of the folder: only you or all the member.

To share a single file in certain folder by sending invitation, you can only give view-only permission to the receiver.

Invite Others to File

2. Send a link via WhatsApp, Facebook, Messages, Email, Skype etc.

Other great thing about Dropbox is that it works well with other apps. You can send link of a folder or file to your contacts on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Line, Viber so long as you have the apps installed your phone.

Step 1. Open Dropbox and find the file or folder you would like to share. Tap on the arrow down icon next to the file or folder and choose "Share" from the pop-up.

Step 2. Choose the "Create a link" and from the pop-up, select whether you want to share via messages, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook or other apps.

Step 3. Take messages as an example. Enter the recipient and send the message. The recipient can access the file or folder by clicking the link on the message.

Send Link via Messages

Dropbox Tips on Android: Backup Android Apps, Photos, Docs

Saving files on your Android is not totally safe. Your Android phone may be lost, stolen or damaged. Or even mistaken deletion could take away your files (FonePaw Android Data Recovery can recover deleted files on your Android phone). Therefore, it is good idea to upload your apps, photos, videos, or documents to Dropbox to make a backup, in which way you can access the files from other devices (computer, other smartphone or tablet) if anything bad ever happen to your Android device.

  • On Dropbox app, go to "Files" folder. Click + icon and you'll see "Upload photos or videos" or "Upload files".

  • Choose .apk file, audio, video, photo, docs to upload. The file will be on Dropbox.

Upload Files to Dropbox

Now you can delete the original file on your Android phone to save space. For some apps you would like to uninstall, you can now uninstall it now and download the .apk file from Dropbox later to re-install.

Dropbox Tips on Android: Access Text & Photos On/Offline

When you are on the way to work or during a trip, you could have network connection, Dropbox allows you to access texts, photos, or other files not only online, but also offline. Just add the file to "Offline" folder.

Step 1. Locate the file you would like to see offline.

Step 2. Click the arrow down icon and toggle on the button beside "Available offline".

Step 3. Navigate to the "Offline" folder, you should view the file offline.

Access File Offline

You can also save the file to you Android phone to access it without network. Tap "Export" > "Save to device".

Dropbox Tips on Android: Protect Files with Passcode

Many people use Dropbox to share files with business partner, record designing ideas and even compose music. Thus how Dropbox protects private information has been a big concern to the users. Now Dropbox allows you to protect Dropbox files with passcode on Android phone.

Step 1. Click "Settings" and scroll down to "Advanced features".

Step 2. Choose "Turn passcode on" and enter a four-digit passcode for two times.

Step 3. You can also enable "Erase data" to enhance the protection, which will erase all Dropbox data after ten times of wrong passcode attempts.

Set Up Passcode on Dropbox

In fact, you can get more from Dropbox, for example, get free storage by inviting friends to install Dropbox, upload camera photos. If you find other features useful, share with us below.

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