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Learn to Share Your Photos in Dropbox on Android

By Emily Watson, Friday, Jan. 27, 2017

In our last post, we have covered uploading files in Dropbox on Android. This time we will introduce another important function of Dropbox - sharing. The photo-sharing in Dropbox is extremely useful in following circumstance:

  • If you have a Samsung phone and need to share multiple photos or videos to a friend using a iPhone;

  • When you want to share photos or video clips to contacts in Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Skype without opening a bunch of apps.

If you are looking for a photo-sharing solution that allows you to share photos across different OS (Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows), then read this post and learn sharing your photos with Android Dropbox app.

Part 1. Share Single or Multiple Photos Using Dropbox on Android

You can share one or multiple Dropbox photos on Android phone by sharing the link to the photos. And everyone who receive the link from messages, Email or other social media apps can access the photos even if they don't have a Dropbox account. This is what it is so great about Dropbox photo-sharing.

Step 1. Open Dropbox on your Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, Nexus or other device. Click three horizontal bars icon on the top left of the main window and choose "Photos" from the menu. All your Dropbox photos are gathered in the folder and organized according to the date that they were taken.

Open Photos Folder

Step 2. Long press or tap the checkmark icon on the top to begin selecting photos, and then click the Share icon on the top.

Step 3. Tap "Anyone with the link can view this file" and choose the way you want to send the link: Email, messages, Facebook or other social media methods.

Send a Link to Photos


  • You need to have Facebook, WhatsApp, Line or other social media app installed on your Android phone in order to share the photos via the apps.

  • Anytime you want to unshare the photos, you can void the link. Sign in to and choose Link category. Click the X icon > "Delete link".

Delete Photo Link

Part 2. Share Photo Albums Using Dropbox on Android

If you need to share photos in bulk, you can add the photos to one album and share the album.

1. Add Dropbox Photos to Album

Step 1. Launch Dropbox on your Android device. Go to the "Photos" folder.

Step 2. Long press a photo to begin selecting photos. After tapping on all pictures that you need, click three dots icon on the top right corner and choose "Add to album".

Step 3. You can create a new album or add the photos to an existing album.

Add Photos to Album

2. Share Photo Album in Dropbox

Step 1. On Dropbox Photos folder, tap "Albums" and open the album you would like to share.

Step 2. Tap "Share album" on the bottom.

Step 3. You can then choose to share via messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, Line, Kik, Viber, Wechat or others.

Share An Album

3. Other Tips on Managing Dropbox Albums on Android

You have shared photo albums with your friends with Dropbox. But there are some tricks to manage Dropbox photos albums that you may want to know.

Remove photos from a album: enter a photo album in Dropbox on your Android phone, long press one photo and then select others by tapping. After you have done selecting, click remove button on the top right corner to remove the photos from the album.

Remove Photos From Album

Note: This won't delete the photos from Dropbox.

Delete photos album: open a photo album, click three dots icon on the top right and choose "Delete album". Again, deleting the album doesn't mean deleting the photos in the album from Dropbox. You can still find the photos in Photos folder.

Delete Album

Rename album: in a photo album, tap on the name of the album, then you can type the new name of the album.

Dropbox can do more than just sharing files, for more information, learn about Tips on Using Dropbox on Android.

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