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6X Faster Speed With NVIDIA® CUDA™ Technology

Part 1. What is NVIDIA CUDA?

What is CUDA?

CUDA, an extension of the C programming language, stands for Compute Unified Device Architecture which is a parallel computing platform and programming model invented by NVIDIA. It enables dramatic increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of the graphics processing unit (GPU). Please note that CUDA works only with NVIDIA graphics cards and you can start with GeForce 8 series and later. You can download the latest version from NVIDIA Official Site.

What can CUDA do?

CPUs like Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Operation are good at doing one or two tasks at a time, and doing those tasks very quickly. By expanding functions of GPU greatly, CUDA, however, is good at doing a massive number of tasks at the same time, and doing those tasks relatively quickly.
Since NVIDIA released the CUDA technology which saved much time for those PC users with CUDA-enabled GPU, FonePaw programmers pay much attention to it and redesigned our products for CUDA and improve the video encoding & decoding performance tremendously.
Tested by our programmers, the converting speed of the software with NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology is 6X faster than before. It saves users' time when transcoding/converting/ripping video files from one format to another by using H.264 codec. The graphic below shows all data in details. output format
Note: the CUDA acceleration only speed up the conversion from video files to the video with H.264 codec.

Supported Graphics Card

Quadro Desktop Series

  • FX 5800
  • FX 1800/FX
  • NVS 290
  • 6000
  • FX5600/FX 4800
  • 1700
  • Plex 7000
  • 5000
  • FX4800 for Mac
  • FX580
  • Plex2100 D4
  • 4000
  • FX4700 X2
  • FX570
  • Plex2200 D2
  • NVS 450
  • FX 4600
  • FX 470
  • Plex 2100 S4
  • NVS 420
  • FX 3800
  • FX 380
  • Plex 1000 Model IV
  • NVS 295
  • FX 3700
  • FX 370
  • CX

Quadro Mobile Series

  • FX 3800M
  • FX 1700M
  • FX 370M
  • NVS 160M
  • FX 3700M
  • FX 1600M
  • FX 360M
  • FX 5000M
  • NVS 150M
  • FX 3600M
  • FX 880
  • NVS 5100M
  • NVS 3100M
  • NVS 140M
  • FX 2800M
  • M/FX 770M
  • NVS 2100M
  • NVS 135M
  • FX 2700M
  • FX 570M
  • NVS 320M
  • NVS 130M
  • FX 1800M
  • FX 380M

GeForce 400 Series

  • GTX 480
  • GTX 465
  • GTX 460
  • GTX 480M
  • GTX 470

GeForce 300 Series

  • GT 340
  • 315
  • GTS 350M
  • GT 325M
  • GT 330
  • 310
  • GT 335M
  • 310M
  • GT 320
  • GTS 360M
  • GT 330M
  • 305M

GeForce 200 Series

  • GTX 295
  • GTX 275
  • GT 220
  • GTS 260M
  • GTX 285
  • GTX 260
  • 210
  • GTS 250M
  • GTX 285 for Mac
  • GTS 250
  • GTX 285M
  • GT 240M
  • GTX 280
  • GT 240
  • GTX 280M/GTX 260M
  • GT 230M

GeForce 100 Series

  • GTS 150
  • GT 130
  • GT 120
  • G100
  • GTS 160M
  • GTS 150M
  • GT 130M
  • G210M
  • G110M
  • G105M
  • G102M

GeForce 9 Series

  • 9800 GX2
  • 9800 GTX+
  • 9800 GTX
  • 9800 GT
  • 9600 GSO
  • 9600 GT
  • 9500 GT
  • 9400GT
  • 9800M GTX
  • 9800M GT
  • 9800M GTS
  • 9800M GS
  • 9700M GTS
  • 9700M GT
  • 9650M GS
  • 9600M GT
  • 9600M GS
  • 9500M GS
  • 9500M G
  • 9400M G
  • 9300M GS
  • 9300M G
  • 9200M GS
  • 9100M G
  • 9400
  • 9300 mGPU

GeForce 8 Series

  • 8800 Ultra
  • 8800 GTX
  • 8800 GTS
  • 8800 GT
  • 8800 GS
  • 8600 GTS
  • 8600 GT
  • 8500 GT
  • 8400 GS
  • 8800M GTS
  • 8700M GT
  • 8600M GT
  • 8600M GS
  • 8400M GT
  • 8400M GS
  • 8300
  • 8200
  • 8100 mGPU

Note: the CUDA-enabled GPU should have a minimum of 256MB of local graphics memory.

Part 2. What is NVIDIA NVENC?


NVDIA NVENC, developed by NVIDIA, works for encoding videos. In March 2012, NVIDIA NVENC was introduced with the Kepler-based GeForce 600 series, as a product feature that offloads H264 video encoding from the host CPU. NVIDIA graphics card is used with this technology to encode the stream rather than CPU. If you wonder compared with the CUDA-based or CPU-based encoders, which one is better. Certainly, GPU-based NVENC can provide higher quality video encoding.

Actually you’re able to use the Nvidia NVENC H264/HEVC encoder to record the target in high speed, with a high compression ratio, and in high quality.

When Should you use NVIDIA NVENC?

After knowing the principle of NVIDIA NVENC, you must be confused what it can do work for you. The following situations can be fixed with this technology.

Capture Screen in High Quality

For the sake of keeping your recorded videos with clear screen, NVIDIA NVENC acceleration can achieve what you need and the original image quality can be kept. Moreover, only very low CPU usage is taken. It is possible to apply the GPU of the graphics card to improve the recording ability.

Video Converter

If you tend to change the format of the videos, NVENC is available for converting the recorded/downloaded videos into your ideal format. Besides, it would not influence the effect of the video so you could still enjoy it with high quality.

Live Streaming

In addition to deal with the video cases, you are allowed to broadcast live HD video on YouTube,,, and so on. With NVIDIA NVENC, you can make live stream with high definition image quality and it takes low resources usage.

Record Game-play

When you play games on your device, it is practical to capture the process of your game since NVENC acceleration can record your gameplay as a video without influencing your game experience. After that, you can watch the process again and enjoy the clear screen.

High Performance Computing and Hyperscale Accelerators Tesla K10, K20, K40, K80, M4, M40, M6, M60, and newer
Desktop and Workstation Quadro K2000, K2200, K4000, K4200, K5000, K5200, K6000, M4000, M5000, M6000, and newer
Mobile Workstation Quadro K2000M, M2000M, K5000M, and newer
Cloud Gaming, Virtual Desktops, and Cloud Enterprise GRID K1, K2, K340, K520, M30, M40, and newer
Desktop and Mobile Computers GeForce (Kepler & Maxwell GPUs only)

It is capable of converting videos, audios and DVD files efficiently and stability.

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