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How to Optimize Brightness and Contrast of Your Video

By Elsie Wesley, Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017

Lighting is one of the tricky part when shooting video. We may take a video with our iPhone, Android phone, camera in low light condition or in sunny days with too much light. So how should we deal with these under or overexposed videos? Optimizing brightness and contrast will make the videos look much better.

FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate is a video editing tool that can alter brightness and contrast of your video clip to fit your need.With its recently launched video enhancing features, the program can optimize brightness and contrast of videos in one click. Just click the button and the program will automatically adjust brightness and contrast of your video to its best condition. It is amazing that how one button can make such an big difference. No more too dark or too bright video with Video Converter Ultimate on your computer.

Download the free trial version to improve your video quality. Windows PC and Mac versions are both available.


Optimize Video Brightness and Contrast with One Button

Step 1. Transfer Your iPhone/Android/Camera Video to Computer

First of all, you should transfer the video from your iPhone, iPad, Android smart phone, camera or other video recording device to the computer.

Step 2. Add Video Clip to the Video Enhancer

Open Video Converter Ultimate and click "Add file" button to add video clips into the program.

Add Video File

If you have a folder containing multiple videos that you need to adjust, click the arrow down icon next to "Add file" and choose "Add folder" to add all video clips in one folder.  

Add Folder

Step 3. Optimize Brightness and Contrast of Video

On the upper column, choose "Video Enhance". You’ll be offered with four options. Tick the second option "Optimize brightness and contrast". Then click "Apply" to apply the change to one video, or select "Apply to All" to change the video brightness and contrast in bulk.

Optimize Brightness and Contrast


  • If you notice anything wrong, for example, you have made change to the wrong video, click "Restore Defaults" or "Restore All" to cancel the adjustment to video brightness and contrast.

  • If you find it necessary, choose other video enhancing options, including upscaling resolution, removing video noise or deshaking video to further improve your video quality.

Step 4. Output the Improved Video

After you have done editing the video, you can click "Convert" to output the improved video. By default, the video will be output in its original format. If you would like to convert it to other format, select your desired format on "Profiles" before pressing "Convert" button. Then you may choose which folder to save the video. Wait until the converting process to complete.

General Video Format

Now you can go to the folder you chose to save the video and enjoy the video in high quality.



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