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How to Edit Brightness and Contrast of a Video

By Elsie Wesley, Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Lighting is one of the tricky parts when shooting video. We may take a video with our iPhone, Android phone, camera in low light condition or on sunny days with too much light. So how should we deal with these under or overexposed videos? Editing brightness and contrast will make a video brighter or darker.

Here is a video lighting editor - PawEditor. It offers Brightness and Contrast filter to brighten or darken a video clip. First, download the editor. When PawEditor is open on your computer, add the dark or bright video to its media library by double clicks. Then you can begin to increase or decrease the brightness or contrast to make the video brighter or darker.


Edit brightness of a video

Step 1 Add a video clip from the media library into the timeline by drag and drop.

Low Light Video Sample

Step 2 Open Color and move mouse cursor over Brightness. Click + icon to apply the filter to the video on the timeline.

Add Brightness to Video

Step 3 The brightness editing menu will be open. Drag the level slider to change the brightness of the video clip. The higher the level is, the brighter the video will be. 

Edit Brightness in a Video

You can see how bright or dark the video get in the preview window.

Before and After Editing Brightness

Edit contrast of a video

By increasing or decreasing the contrast of a video, you can get a video in quite different effects

Step 1 Go to Color and select the second option - Contrast. Apply a contrast filter to the timeline clip.

Add Contrast to Video

Step 2 Drag the contrast slider to increase or decrease the contrast. You will play back the video to preview the result.

Edit Contrast

Before and After Editing Contrast

After you have got the video in the perfect brightness and contrast, click the Export video and play button to save it.

Export Video and Play

PawEditor can also adjust the saturation and colors of a video with more than 20 color filters. There are more 25 effects and transitions to make videos at a professional level. Also, you can do basic video editing, such as cutting, cropping, combining, in PawEditor.

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