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4 Ways to Backup Line Chats on iPhone and Android

author Carrie Murray
date Thursday, March 28, 2019

Line is now a very popular instant messaging app. It allows people easily deliver text, images, and videos, therefore a lot of information stored in Line nowadays.

To protect your Line chat history, it's necessary to back up your Line chat regularly. Today, we will provide 4 methods on how to back up your Line chats on your mobile phone. No matter you are users of iOS or Android, you can find an effective and straightforward way to manage your Line chat backups.

If you use an iPhone, you can back up your Line chats to iCloud or to your computer. If you are Android user, then the Line chat history can be backed up to internal/external storage or Google Drive. Let's get started!

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How to Backup Line Chat on iPhone

1. Back up Line Chats to iCloud

By default, you can back up chats on Line to iCloud on iPhone. To do that, make sure your iCloud Drive is turned on in your iDevice, and you can start your Line chat backup process with the following steps.

System Requirements

  • Line version 6.4.0 or later.
  • iOS 8.1 or later.

How to get Line backup started

  • Open Line.
  • Go to More > Settings > Chats.
  • Tap Chat history backup > Back up now.

Backup Line Chat to iCloud Drive

Important Tips

The iCloud backup doesn't include the images and stickers that you sent in Line. You can't restore Line backup from Settings in Line.

To restore Line backup from iCloud, you need to re-install Line and set up your account again to get the option to restore backup of Line from iCloud.

2. Backup Line Chats to Computer

If you prefer to save Line chats on your computer, you can use FonePaw iOS Data Backup & Restore to make a backup of your Line chat history from iPhone on computer. The FonePaw tool can back up messages, images, stickers, videos on Line to computer and encrypt the Line backups with password. It can also allow you view the chats in the backup any time you want.

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Connect your iPhone with computer

Step 1. Launch FonePaw iOS Data Backup & Restore.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone with your computer via USB cable.

iOS Backup

Choose to Back up Line Messages & Attachments on iPhone

Step 1. Click iOS Data Backup. Click Standard backup.

Step 2. If you want to lock your Line backup with password, click Encrypted backup, then you will need to create a password, which is needed to unlock the backup when you restore the encrypted backup.

Select Backup Mode

Back up Line Chats to Computer

Step 1. You will see all the data you can back up with FonePaw.

Step 2. Tick Line & Attachments to backup Line chats. Click Next.

Select Line Messages and Attachments

It will start to make a backup of Line chat history on your iPhone to computer.

To view the Line chat history in FonePaw, click iOS Data Restore and select the backup of your Line chats. Besides Line, FonePaw can also back up SMS messages, WhatsApp messages, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Kik, photos, videos and more from iPhone to computer.

View Line Backup

How to Backup Line Chat on Android

1. Back up Line chat to Android internal/external storage

If you are using Line on version 9.1.0 or earlier, you can back up Line chats on your Android internal storage or external storage like an SD card. For Line version 9.1.0 or later, Line chats are backed up to Google Drive.

Go to Chat Settings on Line

  • Open Line and tap Chats.
  • Choose the chat you want to back up and tap "V" at the top right of the chat.
  • Select Chat settings > Back up chat history.
  • You'll have two options as below:

Back up text: Only text messages in the chat will be saved in the backup.

Back up all data: The backup will include not only text on the chat, but stickers, photos, videos, and voice messages.

Back up Line Chtas to Android Storage

2. Back up Line chat to Google Drive

System Requirements

  • LINE version 7.5.0 or later.
  • Google Drive with enough space.

Steps to back up Line to Google Drive on Android

  • Launch Line app.
  • Go to Settings > Chats.
  • Tap Back up and restore chat history > Back up to Google Drive.

Bckup Line Chat to Google Drive

Important Tips:

Google Drive backups of Line doesn't include images and stickers that you sent. Re-installment is required if you want to store the backup to Line from Google Drive.

Now you don't have to worry about losing your Line app data. Regular backup is the best method to tackle data loss.