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How to Back up iPhone Music and Videos to PC

By Emily Watson, Tuesday, October 03, 2017

We are now living in a material world based on kinds of media, aren't we? Among those media, songs and videos are the two most common ones in our daily life. Music conveys vocal feelings and video visual sentiment. Thus, there are of importance for us. That's why I strongly recommend to back up music and videos to PC in case such significant media files be lost.

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Part 1: When Do You Need to Back Up Your Music and Videos?

I think there are still quite a number of cell phone users that have not been aware of the importance of data backup for now. People often feel regretful when data loss happens. However, that usually causes a great trouble to recover lost data on iPhone if there is no backup available. I bet you would not like to mess up with such a nuisance. Please remember to make a backup for iPhone data like music and videos especially when:

1. Use iPhone for months but not yet do a backup.

2. Plan to upgrade your old iPhone to the latest models like iPhone 7/7 Plus/8/X.

3. Want to do a factory reset on iPhone as to fix some iOS problems.

4. Want to transfer some data to your iPhone.

5. Tend to free up iPhone storage by deleting songs or videos.

Backup iPhone Music to PC

Part 2: How to Back Up Music and Videos With Ease?

Lucky to you. There are ways to backup your iPhone data. You can back up music/videos from iPhone to Windows/Mac PC using iTunes or iOS Data Backup & Restore. Here are the step-by-step tutorials for your consideration.

Back Up iPhone Music and Videos Using iTunes:

Step 1. Launch the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to it with USB cable.

Step 3. Click the "Phone" icon to enter the "Summary" page.

Step 4. Under the "Backup" title, please choose "This computer" if you want to store data in the computer. Or, select "iCloud" to make an iCloud backup.

Step 5. Click "Back Up Now" button to start backing up.

Note that you can encrypt iTunes backup with a password, however, without the password, the backup is inaccessible.

Backup iPhone via iTunes

Back Up iPhone Music and Videos via iOS Data Backup & Restore:

FonePaw iOS Data Backup & Restore is a fool-proof and trust-worthy software exclusive to back up and restore data on an iOS device. With various data supported, it takes a few steps to back up your music and video files. The most important point is that it's totally free to back up any content you want.


Step 1. Get Down to iOS Data Backup & Restore

You should download and install the program at first. Then open it and use USB cable to connect your iPhone with it. Please keep connected during the whole process.

Step 2. Select Music and Videos to Back Up

On the screen, please choose "iOS Data Backup" on the left. Then, choose "Standard backup" or "Encrypted backup" if you want to protect the backup with password. Then, hit the "Start" button to go on.

Select Backup Mode

Now, you should check desired types data. Here please select "App Videos" and "App Audios" options and click "Next". You will be asked to select an output location for the first time, and you can change the settings in "Preferences". Then, click "Backup" button.

Step 3. Backup Completed

Now, the software will start backing up your iPhone songs and videos. It takes time according to the size of media files. When done, you'll be prompted that "Congratulations! You have backed up successfully."

Finish Backing Up

Part 3: Comparison Between iTunes and iOS Data Backup & Restore

If you're in trouble with making a choice between iTunes and iOS Data Backup & Restore, then you may need to look up the following comparison to have a further knowledge of the two software.


That's all. If I were you, I would opt to FonePaw iOS Data Backup & Restore. Or, you might try both and then make up your mind. Whatever, the prior thing is to keep your songs and videos safe and sound.



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