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[FAQ] Everything You Need to know About Apple Music

By Lois Green, Thursday, March 22, 2018

Apple Music, a streaming service and app, is debuted on June 30, 2015, by Apple Inc, has more than 36 billion users around the world up to February 2018. Its amazing features including streaming music service, 45 million songs in the library, ad-free etc. are always attractive to many people.

With so many functions and features, many people are confused on using Apple Music. Here we make a list of frequently asked questions about Apple Music and hope you can have a further understanding of Apple Music after reading this article.

1. How Do I Get My Apple Music to Play Offline?

When there is no network connection on your phone, streaming music on Apple Music will cost your massive cellular data. Therefore, if you want to play Apple Music files offline without cellular data used, you can download it with WiFi on your phone. Please follow few steps as below.

STEP 1. Launch Apple Music.

STEP 2. Navigate to the wanted playlist.


  • If you want to download the whole playlist, tap on the more button on the right the playlist name and choose Make Available Offline.

  • If you want to download a song, tap on the download icon directly.

STEP 4. Apple music begins to download the whole playlist or a song.

STEP 5. you can play music files on the local library.

Download Apple Music Files

Tip: Streaming means that users are able to listen to the music on all types of device without downloading it. What's more, streaming music won't take up any space on your devices, but it will cost the cellular data of them.

2. Can I Listen to Apple Music After Cancel the Subscription?

Many people are strongly curious about whether the music files on Apple Music are still available after they've canceled the subscription. The answer is NO.

As we all know, Apple music files are protected by Digital rights management (DRM) which is added to protect the copyright of the songs. Therefore, with DRM protection, you can't have the full control right to the downloaded music files on Apple Music. 

Moreover, once you've canceled the subscription of Apple Music, all music files you added to the library are not playable and you are not allowed to access Apple music files even if you've downloaded them before. If you want to get the DRM-free version of Apple music files, you'd better purchase them.

However, if you want to get the DRM-free version of Apple music files you downloaded before without purchasing them, the best way for you is to remove DRM protection from Apple Music files.


Here we recommend you a professional and reliable software, called TuneFab Apple Music Converter. TuneFab Apple Music Converter is specialized in DRM removal, audio format conversion and audio extraction from video etc. 

  • It is available on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac, supporting various output formats such as MP3/AC3/FLAC/AIFF.

  • With the converter, you are able to free Apple music files from DRM protection and get the full control right to the music files. 

See Also: How to Use TuneFab Apple Music Converter.

Select Apple Music

3. What Devices Can I Use Apple Music on?

Apple Music can be used on:

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod touch running iOS 8.4 or later;

  • Apple Watch 1.0.1 or later;

  • Macs and PCs running iTunes;

  • Apple TV.

Surprisingly, Apple Music is also used on Android devices 4.3 or later.

4. How to Access All of Your Music Across Different Devices with Apple Music

Accessing your music library on different devices just needs 2 simple steps.

STEP 1. Sign in Apple Music on different devices with the same Apple ID.

STEP 2. Turn on iCloud Music Library.

Tips: How to turn on iCloud Music Library?

On A iPhone/iPad/iPod touchSign in your device, tap on Settings > Music and enable iCloud Music Library.

Turn on iCloud Music Library

On A Mac or PC: On a Mac, navigate to Preferences in the menu bar of a computer screen (On a PC, click Edit on the menu in iTunes window). In General, hit on the checkbox of iCloud Music Library to turn it on.

5. Can I Play Apple Music on Multiple Devices?

Unfortunately no. Apple Music doesn't support using the same Apple ID for 2 devices at the same time, but it allows 10 devices to use the same account offline. However, if you want to play Apple Music on multiple devices, applying for Apple Music Family plan might be suitable for you. With Family Sharing, up to 6 devices can share with the same library.

  • Go to Settings>your name (choose iCloud if you are using iOS 10.2 or earlier).

  • Select Set Up Family Sharing...> tap on Get Started button.

Access Family Sharing Setup

If you have more question about Apple Music, please let us know by making a comment below. And sincerely hope this article is helpful for you. 

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