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How to Use Multi-Window on Galaxy S8/S7

By Elsie Wesley, Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Samsung provides multi window feature since Samsung Galaxy Note 2. If you are a multitasker, you'll find Samsung multi window/split screen extremely helpful. If you haven't tried the feature yet, follow this post to start using multi window/split screen on Galaxy S8/S7. 


  • The post can also be applied on how to use multi window/split screen on Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4/Note5/Note4 and more.

  • Android Nougat  adds multi window support to all Android devices. So if you don't have a Samsung device, you still use multi window on other device.

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How to Enable Multi Window from An App on S8/S7

If you are using an app, say, watching a YouTube video, then you want to open Messenger to check on some messages, you can enable multi window on Galaxy S7/S8

  1. On the existing app, press and hold recent key.

  2. As the split screen shows up, tap the second app in the lower part of the screen.

  3. If you don't see the second app that you need, tap More Apps to choose the app.

Enable Multi Window Samsung

If you want, you can adjust the size of two windows on Samsung S7/S8. 

  1. On the multi window mode, tap the white bar on the middle of the blue line and drag it to the spot that is right for you.

  2. You now have two windows of different sizes.

Adjust Size of Multi Window

Also you can switch the position of the two windows. To switch positions of two apps under multi window mode in S8/S7: 

  1. Tap the little white bar in the middle of the blue line;

  2. Tap the switch button;

  3. The two apps will switch their positions.

Multi Window Switch Position

How to Enable Multi Window Mode with Recent Key on S8/S7

You can also enable multi window mode on S7/S8 with recent key. 

  1. Tap the recent key and you will see all apps that you recently open.

  2. Tap split screen button on the app, you'll then enter the multi screen mode.

  3. Then tap the second app, that's it.

Enter Multi Window Mode

You can also move the white bar in the middle to adjust the size of two windows.

How to Turn off and Disable Multi Window on Galaxy S8/S7

To close apps in split screen mode on S7/S8 is easy.  

  1. In Samsung split screen, tap the white bar in the middle;

  2. Choose the close icon;

  3. The multi window will be closed.

Close Multi Window Samsung

But if you want to turn off multi window/split screen on Galaxy S7/S8 permanently, you will be disappointed to find that Samsung has removed the button to disable multi/window since Galaxy S6. Therefore, to disable multi window on Galaxy S7/S8, you need go to Google Play Store and get third-party apps like MultiWindow Toggle to disable multi window/split screen feature on S8/S7.

How to Use Pop-up View Mode on Galaxy S8/S7

You can also use an app as floating window on Galaxy S7/S8 with pop-up view under multi window mode. To enable pop-up view, you should: 

  1. Tap recent key and choose two apps as multi window;

  2. Tap the app that you want to use as a floating window;

  3. Tap the white bar in the middle and choose pop-up view button;

  4. The app will appear as a floating window;

  5. You can choose minimize and maximize button on the top to minimize or maximize the window.

Pop up View on S7

What If Split Screen Not Working on My Galaxy S8/S7

If you follow the above steps and find the split screen is not working on your S7/S8 device. You may need to adjust the multi window settings. 

  1. Open Settings > Advanced Features/

  2. Find Multi Window.

  3. Toggle on the buttons for Pop-up view gesture and Split screen view action.

Multi Window Settings

That's all you need to know about multi window feature on Galaxy S7/S8. Leave your comment below if you have more question.

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