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How to Transfer Music from iPod to Android

By Emily Watson, Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015

To transfer music from iPod to Android, we can use iTunes 12. This can goes as:

1. Plug iPod in computer where iTunes is running

2. Sync music from iPod to iTunes library.

3. Connect Android to the computer.

4. Locate the older "iTunes Library" and copy songs from the folder to Android.

Complicated, isn't it? Besides, iTunes can transfer songs purchased from iTunes Store only. If you prefer a simple but fast way, FonePaw Mobile Transfer should be your cup of tea.

FonePaw Mobile Transfer is a simple yet effective solution for conveying music between iOS to Android. The program can copy comprehensive content of a song as well as the related info of name, duration, format, and more. What's more, it directly moves data from one device to another without any loss.


Step 1. Connect iPod and Android to PC

Initially, plug your iPod and Android device to Windows 10/8/7/Vista computer. "Trust" the computer on your iPod. And enable USB debugging on the Android.

Note: Respectively set iPod and Android as "sender" and "receiver". You can click the button "Switch" to exchange their positions.

Connect iPod and Android into PC

Step 2. Choose File Types to Copy

Compatible file types that are supported to copy are displayed in the middle field. Tick "Media". This will enable the program to clone songs, albums, playlist, etc. on your iPod.

• Resources in the original iPod are not deleted after transmission.
• If you would like to clear the old music in the target Android, choose the option "Remove the chosen data on Target Device before copy".

Select iPod Media to Android

Step 3. Copy Music from iPod to Android

Press the button "Start Transfer". FonePaw program will copy all the music files in iPod. Then duplicates from iPod will be moved to the destination Android.

When the progress bar is finished, click the button "OK" in the pop-up box. This will end the whole process.

Done! Unplug your devices. Go to the Android. You can enjoy the songs.

Transfer Music onto Android Device Finished

Reading so far, do you agree that it is much easier than the method we post at the very beginning? Hope your answer is a big "Yes"! Besides, this one-click transfer tool supports not only iOS to Android transfer but any groups of iOS and Android. Please refer to:

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