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How to Transfer Pictures from Android to iPhone/iPad

By Emily Watson, Thursday, August 13, 2015

What require you to transfer pictures from Android to iPhone/iPad? You carry around your Samsung Galaxy S6 and cannot help tapping on the shutter button when enjoying a beautiful view. But you may also have an iPad mini 3/iPad Air 2 at home. Would you like to appreciate your photography masterpieces in the bigger iPad? In this case, it is requisite to copy Android images to the iDevice.

Good news! FonePaw Mobile Transfer is coming to help you ship images from Samsung to iPhone/iPad. This program makes it easier than ever to copy your pictures from Android to iOS, including downloaded pictures, camera captured photos, WhatsApp attached images, etc. Plus, the program is 100% clean with no add-on, virus program, spam, etc.


Caution: When transferring photos, those in your iPhone/iPad other than Camera Roll will be replaced by the newly imported ones. We highly suggest you to back them up with FonePaw iOS Transfer before starting.

Step 1. Bridge Android and iPhone/iPad to PC

Start FonePaw Mobile Transfer on PC. When you see the interface as below, connect your Samsung and iPhone/iPad to PC.

Connect Android and iOS Devices

Step 2. Select Photos to Transfer

Your devices will be detected. After that, you will be asked to select file types to clone. Mark Photos in the menu which contains 307 items.

Select Photos to Transfer

Step 3. Move Images from Android to iPhone/iPad

Click Start Transfer. The program will then clone all the photos in your Android phone to the target iPhone/iPad.

Copy Photos from Android to iPhone

Note: If you select the option "Remove the chosen data on target device before copy", pictures in the destination iPhone/iPad except Camera Roll.

Finally, select "OK" and check the files in your iPhone/iPad. And then it is available to share your life with anyone via WhatsApp, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.

Preview Transferred Photos on iPhone

That's it. The whole process is extremely simple, isn't it? Any question? Just feel free to leave them in the below section. We will feed you back as soon as possible.



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