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Edit and Share Your Android Photos with Flickr

By Elsie Wesley, Monday, April 05, 2016

Recently, we have posted a series of tips and tricks on taking great photos, for example, how to take HDR photos, how to enable flashlight on Android, etc. In today's guide, we will focus on editing and sharing photos with one app. That is Flickr, the app which introduces some great features.

• 1000GB for free – Your uploaded photos and videos in one place with Auto-Uploadr.

• Keep your memories safe – Your uploaded photos stay private until you choose to share them.

• Organization and simplified – Search, edit, and organize in seconds.

• Sharing made easy – Share with friends, family, and the world.

Step 1. Log into Flickr

Connect your Android phone to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Also you can turn on the cellular data. Then launch Flickr on your Android phone. After that, input your email and touch the "Next" button. Then enter the password and touch the "Sign in" button to log in.

Log into Flickr

Step 2. Upload and Select Photos to Edit

Go to the "Camera Roll" column. Then tap the "Turn Auto-Uploadr ON" button. Flickr will automatically upload and store your Android photos. Files uploaded are kept private until you choose to share them. Next, select and tap a photo you want to edit.

Upload and Select Photos to Edit

Step 3. Edit Android Photo with Flickr

On Flickr, you can edit your photo by adjusting saturation, exposure, white balance, brightness, and contrast. Besides you can crop and rotate the picture according to your need.

Edit Android Photo with Flickr

Step 4. Add Effects to Android Picture

Besides, you can add effects to the picture, including IcedTea, Bleached, Antique, Throwback, and more. Choose the one you like and tap the "Save" button.

Add Effects to Android Picture

Step 5. Select Photos to Share

Go back to Camera roll. Tap the "Select" button. Highlight items you want and tap the "Done" button.

Select Photos to Share

Step 6. Share Android Photos via Flickr

Tap the lock icon. Then you can set to share your photos to the public, friends, or family. Then you can check photos you shared in the "Public" column.

Share Android Photos via Flickr

Follow your friends who are using Flickr and invite more people to follow your account. Once you post your photos on the public wall, your friends using Flickr can reach your photos and comment them.


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