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How to Backup Photos on Android to Cloud

By Elsie Wesley, Friday, September 22, 2017

Usually, some Android users come and tell us that they accidentally delete some important photos in their Android phone. And they ask us how to recover deleted photos from Android. Nevertheless, it is better to take precaution than ask people for a resolution, isn't it? In this post, you will learn how to back up photos on Android with Google Drive, OneDrive and Moborobo.

Solution 1: Upload Photos from Android to Google Drive

Step 1. Upload Photos to Google Drive

Sign into Google Drive on your Android phone. Then tap the plus icon and choose "Upload". In the pop-up, you can select to open files from Images or Gallery. After that, highlight photos which you want to transfer or backup to Google Drive.

Upload Photos to Google Drive

Note: If you want to backup photos to cloud, namely the Google Drive, process is completed. However, we suggest you download them from cloud to your computer because it is safer. Step 2 will show you how to download your files.

Step 2. Download and Backup Photos to PC

Sign into Google Drive on your computer. Then click the menu button (the three-dot icon) and click "Download". This will download pictures to your computer.

Download and Backup Photos to PC

Solution 2: Backup Android Photos with OneDrive

Step 1. Upload Photos from Android to OneDrive

For a start, sign into OneDrive with a Microsoft account. Then tap the plus icon and select "Upload". After that, choose to open files from Images/Gallery. Then you can mark items you want to backup.

Upload Photos from Android to OneDrive

Step 2. Download Photos from OneDrive to PC

Go to your computer. Then sign into OneDrive. After that, select "Photos" > "Download". After that, right click the items you want and select "Download".

Download Photos from OneDrive to PC

Solution 3: Backup Photos with Samsung Cloud

For Samsung users, there is another way to help you back up the pictures on device. Samsung Cloud offers 15GB free storage to save your data. If you need more, it is possible to buy additional space to back up phone files. To do a Samsung backup, follow the steps below please.

1. Go to Settings screen to find out Cloud and accounts. Before using Samsung Cloud, you should have sign in Samsung account firstly.

2. Choose Samsung Cloud to back up data. In Samsung Cloud screen, you can sync certain data selectively with tapping the toggle of some data types, like Gallery. Or you are able to move in Backup my data screen to do a backup. Once you turn on Auto back up, it will do a backup at regular time.

Samsung Cloud

Note: After backing up to Samsung Cloud, you're allowed to restore the data if neccessary.

Solution 4: Don't Like Cloud Storage? Find An Alternative Now

To back up files to cloud storage depends a lot on the stability of the network and only a few data types can be supported. Thus, if you don't want back up via Cloud Storage, a smart alternative is recommended here.

FonePaw Android Data Backup & Restore is compatible with lots of contents on your Android devices and most of phone models in Android 2.3 to Android 8.0. Why not to have a try? It is free to back up and you can back up without Wi-Fi.


1. Launch the software on your PC and get phone connected.

2. Go to "Android Data Backup & Restore" to get started. Then, click "Device Data Backup" and select "Gallery" to save your pictures. Of course, you can back up other data together.

3. After a while, the pop-up will inform you that it is completed.

Back Up on PC


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