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How to Adjust Contrast and Brightness of an Image on Android

By Elsie Wesley, Friday, April 29, 2016

Contrast refers to the difference in the color and brightness of the object and other object in the picture. It makes an object distinguishable. Another factor, brightness, is also significant that makes the picture great. Therefore, learning to adjust contrast and brightness of an image on Android is an import subject of photography. This guide will step by step lead you the way to do that. No third-party application needed. You can finish the whole procedure with the within the gallery of your Android phone.

Adjust Contrast and Brightness of an Android Image

Step 1. Choose Photo to Edit

Launch the app Gallery in your Android device. Then tap and choose a photo you want to edit. And you can instantly take a photo with your Android phone camera. Afterthat, activate the edit command.

Android Gallery Edit

Step 2. Set to Adjust the Tone

From the toolbar, select "Tone".

Android Gallery Editor Tone

Step 3. Adjust Contrast of the Picture

Choose the "Contrast" command. Then log tap on anywhere of the screen. You will have the bar as the screenshot shows. Left or right swipe to weaken or deepen the contrast effect. When finishing, tap the "DONE" button and save the picture in the gallery.

Android Gallery Editor Contast

Step 4. Adjust the Brightness of the Android Picture

Choose "Brightness" in the toolbar. Then long tap on the screen until the degree bar occurs. Left or right swipe to adjust the brightness of the Android picture. After that, touch the "DONE" button and save the picture into the Android Gallery.

Android Gallery Editor Brightness

Adjusting contrast and brightness is just one of the features of the gallery editor. Additionally, you can edit your Android photos within the gallery, including changing the tone, adding effect and beautify the portrait.


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